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Taking photos in London…

30 Apr 2013 / 1 Comment / in Photo, Places

I spent a few days in London recently and was commissioned to produce a set of 3 images for large scale printing and framing, my only brief being to capture some of the city’s famous landmarks. Unfortunately a tripod problem at the beginning of my visit meant that I was restricted to hand-held daytime shots, and the weather wasn’t ideal. Two out of three days were spent with my light[ish] setup [D800 + 50mm 1.4] and notebook.

London notes

I scrawled locations, street names and optimum lighting times into my notebook, sketched interesting compositions and scribbled down anything else that might help give the shots some interest… like flight paths [of birds and planes].

Big Ben British Museum Big Ben 2Given the big landmarks are photographed tens of thousands of times every day, I wanted to take three stills which used angles and details which are often overlooked. After quickly realising that the scale of the city would limit what I could achieve in a few days, I chose locations fairly close to one another.

I tried to think out of the box a little and decided early on that I wanted to juxtapose the intricate lines of bare-trees with the iconic man-made structures of London. I eventually decided on St Paul’s, Big Ben and Westminster as the three subjects. The three final photos are below, and I’m fairly pleased with the results… -Alex


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  1. Kate says:

    I particularly like the one of The British Museum!


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